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Submitted by: Kirk Walker
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Article: Amway Distributor Bill Britt

Amway Distributor Bill Britt & Britt World Wide

Bill Britt started Britt World Wide to educate his down line members about how to build a successful and profitable Amway business. Britt World Wide provides tapes, books and functions to motivate Amway distributors. The system was available for all down line members, but was not mandatory. When people joined Amway, they had the option to participate in the training system. For a small cost, they could purchase the tapes and books, which were recommended by Britt World Wide.

For many years, Britt World Wide continued to grow. It expanded into many different countries such as China, India and European countries too. Many down line members grew large Amway businesses and spread the Britt World Wide system throughout the world. At the time of this writing, Bill Britt has 12 front-line diamonds. In 2004, his down line was said to have nearly 1.5 MILLION members. That’s amazing! Other than Dexter Yager, I’ve never heard about anyone else, from any other company, with such a large down line.

His Team of Distributors

Some of his successful down line Amway distributors include:

• Crown Paul and Leslie Miller

• Double Diamond John and Jennie Belle Crowe

• Double Diamond Mickey Hamlett

• Executive Diamonds Rex and Bettie Renfrow

• Diamonds Bill and Kay Wallace

• Double Diamonds Kanti Gala

Many of the most successful people in the Amway business today are part of Bill\'s down line. Many of the top earners have broken away from Britt World Wide to start their own MLM training systems.

The Controversy

In recent years, there has been some controversy and lawsuits concerning Britt World Wide. Many former distributors have sued Britt World Wide for various different reasons. Despite the lawsuits, Bill Britt’s down line has continued to grow. In addition, several years ago Bill Britt retired. He no longer speaks at functions. But he still earns his residual income from his Amway Business and Britt World Wide.

What I Admire about Bill Britt

What I admire most about Bill is his tenacity and persistence. He was once interviewed on a 60-minutes episode about his success in Amway. The episode featured all the Amway MLM horror stories. Countless people shared their Amway failures with the interviewer.

When the interviewer asked Bill Britt what his secret to success was, he responded by stating (paraphrased) that “he shared the business with more people than most Amway distributors do. Of those people, about 300 joined. Of the 300 that joined, about 35 were serious. Of the 35 that were serious, about 10 of those made him a millionaire.”

There’s a huge lesson here. Bill Britt understood that network marketing is a numbers game. He simply worked the numbers and achieved success. People can still do that today. If you want to achieve MLM success, you must share your business opportunity with lots of people, in order to find you’re “few diamonds in the rough.

I hope you fill remember that advice as you build your network marketing business. To find 6 key people, you might need to talk to 500-100 people. That might sound crazy, but it’s worth it. Six good people can help you earn millions of dollars in network marketing.

All we need is 3 good committed people to get the ball rolling in InVeStworks. Thanks KW 

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