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Women of Azar Collective Cohorts, Retreats, Etc.

Ladies, do you consider yourself a current or emerging "Leader" in any capacity of your life? find yourself severely challenged in trying to hold space for ALL the things pulling at you? Are you exhausted from the expectation & pressure of showing up as "Fabulous" yet secretly feel you're failing miserably? Has your life been impacted by the trauma of "Church-Hurt"?  Do you find it difficult to Lead AS you Lament life's trauma's?  Do you simply feel a desperation for personal growth but don't know where to go or how to proceed?  Do you just want a SAFE space to just...BE??...

Hear me!-YOU ARE NOT ALONE! After spending over a decade supporting other women in leadership and all other spaces of life, as a licensed Counselor & Coach, I personally experienced a horrific season of personal & relational and spiritual trauma that almost shattered my entire existence! And perhaps, worse than that, was the added pain of how difficult it was to find a place to go for support that was emotionally SAFE, CONFIDENTIAL, & QUALIFIED!   

So...if you can relate or know someone who can, we at ALLLC want to present "The Women of Azar Leadership Collective"!   "Azar" is a word from the Bible that refers to the work of "aiding, protecting, giving  or receiving material & non-material encouragement".   


This Collective  will be a SAFE & CONFIDENTIAL space where women like yourself, who lead and spend countless hours pouring out everywhere else, can come to receive AND give Bible-based, QUALIFIED support & resources through activities such as Counseling, Coaching, and Soul Care retreats, to name a few.

The Women of Azar Collective will be a space Where in the midst of all the people & tasks you're expected to "master", you'll learn to become proficient at what I refer to as "You-ism".

Listen Ladies, in this life none of us nor any amount of "Fabulousness" can prevent trauma but.. together we can learn to live free from the bondage of It's impact.

So...Is there something inside that's screaming "That's ME!..Sign Me Up!"...Then, Please see important dates and details below and I pray you'll be encouraged and motivated to join us on the journey to a better, BLESSED and Whole You!


Register: Text or leave message @ 913.820.2173;

Sunday June 11, 4:00p - 6p (Zoom); Zoom Meeting ID: 604 121 7051   (No password needed)


Saturday June 17, 10:00a - 11:45a - at Homer's Coffee House (Private Room)
7126 W 80th St, Overland Park, KS 66204


Because YOU Were Created to Live Life Abundantly!

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