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Women of Azar Collective Cohorts, Retreats, Etc.

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  • What key areas of growth will be addressed in the Growth Area Cohorts?
    There are 4 Growth Areas: Intentional Living, Internal Regulation, Intimacy with God and Interpersonal Relationships.
  • How many women will be in a Growth Area Cohort?
    A Cohort will have between 4-6 women. Approved exceptions will allow a maximum of 8, though this should be rare based on special circumstances.
  • How many weeks is each Growth Area?
    Each Growth Area meets 8 times. If a Cohort is meeting every week, it would last for 8 weeks; if it meets every other week, it will last 16 weeks. Of course, holidays will be factored into the scheduling.
  • If I need to take time off between Growth Area Cohorts can I continue when I am ready?
    Yes. We know that life happens! When you are ready to reengage, let us know. We will work to get you into the next Growth Area that matches where you are in the cycle.
  • What type of coaching will I be qualified for after I complete the full cycle of Growth Area Cohorts?
    The Women of Azar’s Leadership Development process includes the training and mentoring of participants that will equip them to be planted as an Azar Collective Coach, which means you can become qualified to lead Growth Area Cohorts. Initially, this will be under the umbrella and oversight of Abundant Living Legacy. You must complete the entire cycle of Growth Area Cohorts and have several individual sessions with one or more Abundant Living Counselors or Coaches who will then determine your readiness to lead a Cohort. Please note, this is not a Life Coach Certification.

Because YOU Were Created to Live Life Abundantly!

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