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Our Vision

Providing counseling, coaching and conflict management to individuals, families, and communities affected by trauma, economic challenges, incarceration, homelessness, and addictions. Recognizing their unique needs, challenges, and potential, we endeavor to support these individuals in their journey towards excellence as they transition to lives of health, joy, and productivity resulting in a living and lasting legacy for themselves, their families, and their community.     

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Our Mission

To provide safe, accepting and affirming programming, services and resources that will empower individuals undergoing difficult transitioning.   

Our Values

  • Equality and respect for all individuals. 

  • Promote empowerment and skill enhancement.

  • Support by uplifting individuals to their maximum potential.

  • Understanding of cultural and economic barriers for individuals undergoing difficult transitions. 

  • Raising awareness

  • Encouraging partnerships


Because YOU Were Created to Live Life Abundantly!

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