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Conflict is a normal part of life. As long as you live around other people, you're going to find your opinions and actions bumping up against someone else's. Sometimes you'll be able to simply back off and go your own way. But sometimes walking away doesn't work. Many relationships are too important to walk away from. Some issues are too big to give into. And some people just won't let go until they get everything they want. But it does not have to be this way..." Ken Sande-Relational Wisdom 360


Studies reveal that the majority of conflict does not come from ill intentions, rather from bad or faulty communication. Utilizing concepts based upon the Four G's of conflict resolution we will walk with you and your team, family, or organization through the murky waters of opposition and equip and you with the tools to help you arrive at reasonable solutions and heal relationships!



Our Conflict Resolution process includes:

  • Understanding the origins of conflict

  • Taking an alternative view of conflict

  • Personal ownership

  • Reconciliation


Because YOU Were Created to Live Life Abundantly!

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